Comparison of atmospheric correction methods

Comparison of atmospheric correction methods

I have noticed that dos methods for atmospheric corrections are in the section of radiometric correctioni.*.toaron GRASS GIS. Does that means that dark object subtraction (DOS) is a method for doing radiometric and atmospheric corrections at once? Input images for that method have to be in DN format I would suspect. I want to compare the results with 6s algorithm.

The DOS methods are for atmospheric correction only, not radiometric correction.

The i.*.toar modules allow you to combine in one step radiometric correction with some additional DOS atmospheric correction method. The input to the i.*.toar modules is the original DN values.

The default to i.*.toar is "uncorrected", so normally you would use i.*.toar to get a radiometric corrected image, then run that thru i.atcor (which implements 6S) to get your atmospheric correction.

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